4-5 Weeks Before Move

4 – 5 Weeks Before the Move

  • Book your storage facility with Allsafe Self Storage
  • Speak with Allsafe Self Storage for recommendations of Removalists
  • If renting? Advise your Agent the date of vacating the premises and the return of your bond.
  • Organise for the apartment/house to be cleaned before the inspection.
  • If Selling? Check contract for date of vacating
  • Contact your;
  • Electricity & or Gas Company
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Phone Service Provider
  • Contact Australia Post and organise to have your mail re-directed to your new address.
  • Sell, donate or dispose of unwanted goods, prior to moving
2-4 Weeks Before Move

2 – 4 weeks before your moving/storage day

  • Cancel paper delivery or any other regular delivery services.
  • Advise transport department of change of address for vehicle registration.
  • If you have pets? Advise Vet & Council of change of address.
  • Advise friends and family of change of address
  • Advise your children’s school of change of address
  • Make a list of your contents that have to be stored
  • Start packing items that are not being used into boxes.
  • Make sure that all valuables, important documents are packed safely and securely.
  • Make sure that your home, contents and car insurance are up to date.
1-2 Weeks Before Move

1- 2 Weeks Before Moving

  • For Security reasons organise new locks & remotes for new premises on moving day,
  • Arrange rubbish removal.
  • Disassemble outdoor items
  • Take apart furniture that can have legs taken off — such as desks, beds, tables
  • Drain oils, fuels from machinery to avoid leakage.
Final Week

FINAL WEEK Before your moving day

  • Write a list of the contents in each box as you are packing.
  • Make sure you defrost and clean the refrigerator on the day before moving. Make sure the doors of the refrigerator are not closed when stored
  • Confirm day, & time that Removalist will be arriving and that he has your correct address.
  • Meet the removalist at our storage facility, Make sure that all contents have been placed securely in the Storage Unit as per your instructions.
General Preparation


  • Make sure that the Removalist has easy access to your home/Unit. Make sure that there are no vehicles blocking the access for the Removalist.
  • Use strong & good quality packing material and boxes
  • Advise the removalist which contents you want stored at the rear of the Unit and which items you want stored at the front of the Unit for easy access.

NOTE: The following items are classed as dangerous goods and cannot be stored or transported: Ammunition; bleach products; gas cylinders (unless emptied); turpentine; kerosene; petrol; cleaning fl uids; new or partially used cans of paint; aerosols of any kind; vegetable oils; and chemicals