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Moving house. Nobody wants to do it, but sooner or later we all have to. It’s one of those things that we both love and dread; the excitement of moving to a new home alongside the daunting task of packing, cleaning and moving. When you’re moving, there’s usually so many questions running through your head: Will I need a storage unit? Who will I use for furniture removals? Will I do it myself or hire a removalist? How will I pack up all my stuff?

At Allsafe Self Storage in Burleigh, we do our best to make it a one stop shop for all your moving and storage needs. We sell a large range of packing boxes and other packaging supplies, we offer affordable, secure storage units, and we will happily refer you to one of our preferred local or interstate removalists, or a reliable truck or trailer hire company.

Finding the right mover can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before, and we’ve all heard stories about removals that haven’t exactly gone to plan. Well, at Allsafe Self Storage, you can relax, because we only refer local removalists of an excellent standard, removalists that have been in business for years, and know how to look after you.

As a customer of Allsafe Self Storage, you can take advantage of our many years of experience in the self storage industry, so feel free to give Allsafe Self Storage in Burleigh & Gold Coast a call today on 0413838722 and let us help you make that huge task of moving a little easier.



Rent Allsafe Self Storage Unit in Gold Coast Be A Hero and Refer a Friend


Here’s how it works:

Benefit from our “be a hero” Referral programme!

Recommend AllSafe Self Storage to family members, business associates, friends or anyone you know who may need storage. If they hire a unit from us and pay a full 4 weeks rent up front, you will receive $20 credit towards your next 4 weeks Space hire storage rent.

Just fill out the form and email the person you’re referring. They then present it on the day they they move their possessions into storage.

“Be a Hero”, $20 Referral credit will be applied to your account after the new tenant has presented the form at move in and paid full 4 weeks space hire rental in advance.

Renting a Storage Unit is handy for storing items you don’t want in your home but still want to hang on too or If you need more space for your business stock, large archive storage. tradesman equipment.

Rent Allsafe Self Storage in Gold Coast Getting a Home Ready for Sale

Smart Real Estate AGENTS Use AllSafe Self Storage

TOP 3 Reasons Why Reals Estate Agents should recommend their clients to use a Self Storage Facility.

1. Discount Incentive offers for Real Estate Agents to pass onto their prospective Clients

Call today to find out more about our “Real Estate Agent Discount Incentive programme” to help you sell more homes.

2. Achieve a Higher Sale Price

Real Estate Agents Should advise their Clients who are about to list their homes for sale to consider the advantages of Self storage. Renting a storage unit can be an opportunity to de­clutter rooms to make it appear light, airy and more spacious, Potential Buyers want lots of room. If a person has the impression the home is spacious this could lead to you achieving a more favourable sale price for your client. Getting rid of Clutter a disorder from your clients home, aids a potential buyer scrutinise the appeal and possibilities of your clients house.

3. Value Added Service

By recommending Allsafe Storage Services, you are adding value and setting yourself apart from your competition. By offering a solution to aid in the sale of a home faster and for more.

Rent Allsafe Self Storage For Your Prized Vehicles in Gold Coast

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage Solution in Gold Coast

Have nowhere to park your vehicles? Need to hire space to store your caravan, boat, Jet Ski, or car?. Do you need extra space to work on restoring a classic car?

Solve your space shortage by storing your Car, Boat, Caravan, RV, Jet Ski or any type vehicle with AllSafe Self Storage. Make space in your driveway, backyard or garage today!

We have a number of storage options from safe secure outdoor storage or fully enclosed garage spaces for all budget requirements.

Allsafe Self Storage Solutions in Gold Coast for Wig Collection

Business Storage

AllSafe Self Storage Is the friendliest most trusted professional storage complex on the Gold Coast. We offer Business Customers a variety of space hire options.

We are Conveniently located in Burleigh and offer a complete Storage and Service solution for all commercial business needs. Run out of space in the office or not enough space to work? You can drive right up to your storage unit, to load or unload your business merchandise items, equipment , paperwork, supplies, or any other inventory.

Create extra space in your warehouse or office, organise, list and record your companies merchandise, Increase productivity, and grow your business.

Offering a wide range of convenient, clean secure, storage sizes that you can easily access 7 days a week for all your business and commercial needs.

Run your business better with our insanely flexible space hire terms, which are suitable for every business type and budget.


All kinds of business in a multitude of industries include

  • Food and beverage Agents
  • Tradesmen and Landscapers, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters
  • Party Suppliers
  • Home Run Businesses
  • E­Businesses
  • Sales Reps
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Removalists
  • pharmaceutical Reps
  • Musicians and Bands
  • Retailers
  • Wig Suppliers
  • and many more

If you value your Home life, then keep work and family separate. Storing business related content at home is not smartest thing to do. It won’t take long for you to amass supplies and equipment as your business and the the requirement for more space grows. Allsafe Self Storage has a number or space hire solutions to suit every need and budget. You can give permission to Your employees and subcontractors to have access to your storage unit too.


People use self storage facilities to store Business office records or personal documentation, Declutter your office and store away files you don’t need on a daily bases. We offer pick up and retrieval services.The perfect opportunity to spring clean and declutter your business or home office. Remove files and document boxes knowing you can access them anything you need to.


We Offer all kinds of business storage solutions perfect for any business in need of extra space. Home and the Internet businesses are on the rise. Allsafe offers safe secure convenient space and size options to store point of sales items retail products and merchandise, stock, educational and stationery supplies, marketing products, business material and equipment or extra office furniture and other types of business storage needs.

Rent Allsafe Self Storage Units in Gold Coast for Personal Doll Collection

Personal Household Storage

Top 5 Reasons to Store

1. Your Home is up for Sale.

Homeowners who are about to put their home on the market should consider the fantastic benefits of Self storage Renting a storage unit can be an option to de­clutter rooms to make it appear light, airy and more spacious, Potential Buyers want lots of room. If a person has the impression the home is spacious this could lad to you achieving a greater sale price. Getting rid of Clutter a disorder from your home, aids a potential buyer scrutinise the appeal and possibilities of your house.

2. Are you in the process of building a new home?

If you are in the throes of building your dream home, the likelihood is you haven’t got anywhere to keep your personal items. Rather than inconveniencing family and friends, the easiest solution would be the versatility of renting a storage unit on a weekly or 4 weekly basis. Renting a Storage Unit is a great alternative to troubling friends and family. It is also makes us a great option when unexpected problems arise which delays your move in date.

3. Do you love to Travel?

If you are an enthusiastic traveller, you may feel nervous leaving your house or unit unattended for long periods at a time.Hiring Storage space makes financial sense, you can place your belongings in storage and rent your house or unit out while you are away. you can secure your contents in a self storage unit you return.

4. Spend a lot of time away for work?

Do you “fly in and fly” out for work or spend a lot of time on the road?. You may feel uneasy leaving you personal belongings unattended. You can rest easy, knowing your belongings are safe and secure in a storage unit, while you’re away.

5. Are you a sports fanatic or do you need a lot of space for your hobbies or just love collecting?

Do you own large equipment such as surf boards, Canoes and kayaks or camping gear, snowboards or mountain bike or road bikes and bulky gym equipment? Are you a budding artist with canvases and paints and brushes? A secure storage unit is the ideal space away from home for people who have pastimes that require more space than what they can fit at home. Or maybe for those collectors who wish to have storage space where they can come and admire their collectables.

There are countless reasons why self storage is a great solution for acquiring extra space for as little or as long as you like. When the time comes for the need to store. Call AllSafe Self Storage. We have sensational prices, and friendly staff that are ready and waiting to help you.