Rent Allsafe Self Storage Unit in Gold Coast Be A Hero and Refer a Friend


Here’s how it works:

Benefit from our “be a hero” Referral programme!

Recommend AllSafe Self Storage to family members, business associates, friends or anyone you know who may need storage. If they hire a unit from us and pay a full 4 weeks rent up front, you will receive $20 credit towards your next 4 weeks Space hire storage rent.

Just fill out the form and email the person you’re referring. They then present it on the day they they move their possessions into storage.

“Be a Hero”, $20 Referral credit will be applied to your account after the new tenant has presented the form at move in and paid full 4 weeks space hire rental in advance.

Renting a Storage Unit is handy for storing items you don’t want in your home but still want to hang on too or If you need more space for your business stock, large archive storage. tradesman equipment.

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